September Hotbox Refresh

We like to keep things simple. Feel Good Fast Food, that’s what we’re about. Every season we bring some new and old favourites to the Kanteen, ready for your seasonal enjoyment. The end of summer doesn’t have to be a slump… we’ve got some sensational seasonal dishes to bring some fresh and tasty flavours to your September.

You can view our full menu on the menu page of our website, or over on Instagram feed & stories (@kanteenlife) but for now, here’s some of our favourite picks. 

Mon - pork.jpg

Kicking off proceedings on Monday, we have our meat dish for the day; Peruvian Spiced Pork, with sweet potato, sweetcorn, aji amirillo chilli, coriander & red onions. Full of sweet & aromatic flavours, this dish packs a punch to your pallet.

Tue - Veg plantain.jpg

Taking things on to Tuesday, we have a deliciously seasoned dish straight from the Carribean; Plantain roasted in its skin, with chipotle adobo, coriander habanero pickled onion, quinoa & chimichurri. Masterfully balanced, richly flavourful while perfectly light.

Thur - braised tofu.jpg

Following on Thursday we’ve got a lovely pan-asian delight. Braised Tofu, with citrus soy sauce, miso mayonnaise, steamed jasmine rice, rice pickles, black sesame & edamame beans. Healthy, ambrosial and a perfect lunch option.

Fri - Fried chicken.jpg

And Finally it’s Friday. And on Fridays we eat Chicken. Japanese Style Fried Chicken, with rice vinegar pickled carrot, miso mayonnaise and steamed jasmine rice. Round off your week the right way with this tasty eastern-inspired lunch.