We are Kanteen. We're not just any other business /


We've been around business for many years. We've worked with big companies that make huge profits for faceless shareholders. Companies that drive profit so hard they forget about the army of workers who have helped create it, or the community in which they take the money out of. Companies that add so much crap to the products that they sell so they get better shelf lives, that perhaps if more people were aware then they would never buy it. 

#PEOPLEBEFOREPROFITS is the framework we make all of our business decisions on. 
We promise through our Kanteen Pledge to use all our available resources to help the

COMMUNITY in which we serve. Our initiative called "ONE FOR ONE" will promise one meal to a vulnerable person for every Hot Box that is sold from our counter. We open our doors to the community and offer the space for meetings or gatherings with complimentary hot drinks. 

We also promise to invest in our STAFF and to treat them with the respect and give them fair pay and reward for their effort.  All of our staff will be signed up to our employee ownership scheme, giving them a voice in decision making and crucially a share in. 

We also promise to make decisions on what we sell with our CUSTOMERS interest at heart. We choose what we sell based on taste and nutrition, not profit.